July 30, 2015
McConnell Arts Center Interview

Steven S. Walker JULY 30, 2015 ~ MCCONNELLARTSCENTER The purpose of my sit downs with MAC faculty members is to find out more about the instructors outside of the studio. This week we focus on Steven Walker. Walker has a friendly ease and chuckles fill the room as we talk. I ask if a favorite type of music accompanies him in the studio. After a moment’s pause, he explains that Classic Rock is his favorite but he also enjoys an eclectic mix from the 60’s and 70’s. After more prodding, he tells me that his favorite band is Queen and his favorite musician is Johnny Cash. As I begin the next question, “What’s something that annoys you…” is all I’m able to say before he blurts out, “PEOPLE!” His quick wit is what fills the interview with the constant laughs. After the laughter subsides he apologizes and says, “No, no. I’m sorry. What were you going to say?” I continued asking him if anything specific bothers him about the painting process. “I hate that the first stroke is the hardest. My wife will see me sit for hours staring at a blank canvas and tease me. “You gonna be a man and get in there?” After asking where he finds inspiration, he explains that wandering unfamiliar places at any time of day is a great creative source. While somewhat cliché, he finds it true that inspiration is available anywhere as long as you’re open to the possibilities. Next, I ask if he has a favorite vacation spot. “Ireland,” he pronounces without hesitation. For a month, he and his wife went to Ireland on their honeymoon and spent their time taking short day trips around the country. “Ireland is about the size of Ohio and you can get anywhere in two hours.” Que the envy of a month-long leisurely vacation! One last question for Walker before we wrap up the informal interview. Does he have a favorite meal that he likes to eat? After thinking for a few seconds he exclaims, “I just love a good steak!” We both know it’s a standard answer for a standard question but he explains that he’ll try anything. Smirking about a story from Ireland, he tells me that he ate Haggis on his honeymoon. I’m afraid to ask what that is. “Well, it’s sheep’s bladder. Or…actually, it’s stomach. Yah, sheep’s stomach.” He laughs while he tells me how his Irish/Scottish wife wanted nothing to do with the haggis. As our brief interview ended, I appreciated Walker’s open and effortless personality. His willingness to embrace life and draw inspiration from his experiences is refreshing. Please continue to look for future interviews with our MAC faculty! Written by: Holly Wiencek, PR Intern

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